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Stand Up For Jamaica receives vital support from German Embassy

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Stand Up For Jamaica (SUFJ) is thrilled to announce its recent receipt of three crucial grants from the German Embassy in Kingston.

This generous support from the German Government will significantly bolster SUFJ's ongoing mission to champion human rights and advocate for equality throughout Jamaica.

Stand Up For Jamaica has a well-established reputation for its impactful work across numerous human rights domains.

These domains include:

  • Combating Gender-Based Violence: SUFJ works tirelessly to prevent gender-based violence in Jamaica. This includes empowering women through the development of professional skills, fostering financial independence, and promoting a culture of respect and non-violence.

  • Mental Health Advocacy: Recognizing the importance of mental wellbeing, SUFJ champions the rights of individuals with mental illness in Jamaica. Their efforts encompass advocating for a more compassionate approach to mental health, ensuring legal representation for those incarcerated without access to justice, and piloting innovative programs within shelters to demonstrate successful alternative approaches.

  • LGBTQ+ Rights: SUFJ is a staunch advocate for the LGBTQ+ community in Jamaica, promoting inclusion and fostering pathways towards rehabilitation and reintegration within correctional facilities.

Given SUFJ's diverse and impactful work, it's highly likely that the German Embassy grants will provide invaluable support in one or more of these crucial areas.

Stand Up For Jamaica expresses its deepest gratitude for the unwavering commitment and crucial support provided by the German Government. These grants empower SUFJ to continue its vital work in building a more just and equitable Jamaican society for all. 



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