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Classes for certification in data operations. Art & Craft and Musical Performance are presently being conducted jointly with the HEART TRUST/ NTA. Inmates will receive certification from the HEART TRUST/NTA when they have completed the requisite courses. We support this programme by providing stationery and materials while the HEART Trust/NTA provide Teachers and some of the materials needed for craft classes


We have a vibrant Music Programme at Tower Street where inmates learn to play instruments, sing and perform. The documentary Songs of Redemption was a production that focused on some of the exceptional talents in this programme and has won numerous awards regionally and internationally. We support this programme through the provision of a variety of musical instruments and music teachers.


We have a vibrant computer programme at all three facilities where inmates learn from basic computing, to graphic designing, web designing and programming. We support this programme through the provision of computers, printers, scanners, spare parts and a technician on call to effect any repairs necessary.


There is a radio station at all three facilities where inmates learn broadcasting techniques, producing, editing and how to operate broadcasting equipment.  Ninety percent (90%) of the programmes are produced and delivered by inmates under the supervision of officers. Stand up for Jamaica pays for the broadcasting Licenses, purchase equipments and employs a technician to see to the effective working of all equipment and do whatever repairs may be deemed necessary.

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