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Stand up for Jamaica is a no-profit organization founded in 2007,by some volunteers from the Group 105 of Amnesty International Italy, with the main purpose of providing, together with advocacy,  practical help, particularly to all frigile elements of the Jamaican society.
Our aim is  to help providing assistance to abused children and women or to accommodating any
emergency in which it was necessary financial support, assistance and advice, and to inform the public about violations of human rights in the island. 

Our target is also including inmates in prison who do not have assistance. Through the commitment, contribution, and offers of many supporters, moved by spirit of volunteerism, solidarity, and love for the Caribbean island, for its lively and passionate people, for the reggae music and messages of peace and brotherhood which this music is messenger, Stand up for Jamaica in the last years has been the "Italian answer", when asked for help, from the realities of specific criticisms of a country of third world, that too superficially and unfairly is represented only as a tropical paradise destination for last minute travel.

Well, among the supporters of Stand up for Jamaica have figured Rototom Sunsplash Festival with the Jamaica SOS campaign, the Association of cultural promotion NO Jerk Site, the Association of Social Reggae Project, the Reggae Revolution Crew, the Villa Ada Posse and the Golden Bass Sound Systems, the program Bababoom Time of Anzo-Joka-PSK by Radio Città Aperta, the portal, Vito War from the channels of Radio Popolare, Bunna and Frank with the program Natural Mystic on Lifegate Radio, Germany Riddim Magazine with Markus Hautman and many, many other volunteers and members of the Italian reggae community.

Among founders volunteers we need to mention Andrea and Marzia, Kaveen, Ricky Gong, Gianpiero and Giancarla,Valentina, Markus, Christian, Silvia and Diego and many more still part of our family. Someone with the engagement of banquet information, others with the music of their Sound Systems, everyone has contributed and made the possible for fundraising profits to the financing campaigns, activities and projects supported by Stand up for Jamaica. In recent years, the Cultural Association had focused the intervention on the dramatic terrain of the suburbs, ghettos and prisons of Jamaica, supporting and building small projects such as social development in Marsh Penn Community, Spanish Town, the McAuley Primary All Age School, and how participation in the project "Rehabilitation Through Music" in the prison of Tower Street in Kingston. Stand up for Jamaica currently has formalized a partnership with the Jamaicans for Justice, with whom will manage the rehabilitation projects for two years (2010-2011) in prison in Kingston, also has activated a councellig for children victim of abuse, as well as collaborate on the front line for the protection and the defense of human rights, alongside with the major associations such as Jamaicans for Justice, Council of Independent Human Rights, J-Flag and the Caribbean Section of Amnesty International. It also adopted the kindergarten of Drapers, on the outskirts of Port Antonio, which requires restructuring and teachers, and support the fight of the Winnifred Beach Community because the beach can remain free through environmental and conservation projects and the the creation of infrastructure.

For each type of study, please visit our web pages and if you want to help us we ask you to join our campaign for Jamaica not only with the money but also with every possible form of engagement and dissemination, because the island of music will not forget the words of Bob Marley "One Love".

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