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we provide counseling services for inmates and their children in and out of the institutions. Counseling sessions are held with inmates and our offices are open to the children and spouses of inmates who need counseling.


We provide assistance to inmates’ children who are attending school to ensure that they stay in school and are not condemned to the fate of their parents. We also keep an annual Christmas treat for these children where they are treated and given back to school items.
On an annually basis Stand up for Jamaica caters to over 1000 inmates and 150 children. We purchase over 5000 note books, pens and pencils; 50 computers, 10 printers, 2 scanners, various computer parts and radio equipment parts, guitars, keyboards, drum sets, other musical instruments, stationery and much more. We are forever indebted to the European Union our chief sponsor who is the backbone of all these projects; without the EU we could not survive. We are also grateful to Stand Up For Jamaica Italy who gives us continuous support through various fund raising events all over Europe.

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