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Your support is important and appreciate for Stand Up For Jamaica. Discover how you can do to help us !

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Stand up for Jamaica give thanks to everyone who wants to help us. If you have some skill or simply wants to do something for the cause, just reach us by email; we will be very happy to give you a welcome.
If you are close to our mission or you simply love Jamaica, please share our commitments to your friends.

Sharing is caring.

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Donate your 5x1000 it is easy and it is free!

The models for the tax return contain a space dedicated to 5x1000. In the section on "The support of volunteering and other non-profit organizations of social utility" indicates the tax code 97473330583.

This code is related to Stand Up for Jamaica ONLUS Italy, that is linked directly to SUFJ NGO in Jamaica

The 5x1000 is a share of taxes to which the State waives to allocate it to non-profit organizations. The 5x1000 costs you nothing because it is not an extra tax and does not replace 8x1000 religious confessions. There are two different possibilities and you can use both to allocate part of your taxes for different purposes.

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Stand Up for Jamaica thank you all for your help.

Every contribution is important and will help us in the work we do every day.

If you want to know exactly which project will be destined for your offer, do not hesitate to contact us. It is our intention to give you all the information so that you are fully aware of your contribution.

National Commercial Bank

37 Duke Street

Kingston, Jamaica

A/C# 064742078

Swift Code: JNCBJMKX

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