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Main project is in the prisons where we run rehabilitation activities. It is a specific target and action is addressed to fight crime. - Main guidelines are education, achievement of a professional skill and psychological help. - Minors in care of the state, children homes and in conflict with the law. - Mentally ill, abused women and children, people living with HIV, LGBT campaign against discrimination. - Training on human rights to police officers. - Restorative justice sessions in inner city community.

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Stand Up For Jamaica promote education with inmates providing them teachers, books and laptops. SUFJ provided classes from remedial level to High School. 
Among 80% of our students passed the CSEC exams.



We also work with incarcerate minors and we provide them with medical and psychological assistance . We have a gynecologist for the girls. Most of them have been abused, some of them are pregnant, some have sexual infections. So the gynecologist has sessions with them to teach about their body, their sexuality, pregnancy prevention, health and food.

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Stand up for Jamaica provides the incarcerated girls with a service of Art Therapy in order to discover with them their talents, their abilities, their individual gifts and teach them to love themselves because the abused ones do not value themselves. For adults we offer session, starting from the acknowledgment of the damage they made to others,  about anger control, self-awareness, and we train them to become peer educators.



We have developed  activities in the inner city community and in Spanish Town - Kingston related to restorative justice and job creations.

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