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Greater public involvement needed in the Constitutional reform process

SUFJ and the CVC is calling for a wider involvement of all citizens in the debate, sharing of information and proposals to offer a better understanding of the guidelines leading to the proposed

constitutional changes.

We are ready to join all efforts to reach the people we work with and the most vulnerable persons in our society, in order not to leave anyone behind.

Human rights for all have been our mantra, our guiding marker, for helping Jamaicans to function in society. Thus, SUFJ and CVC strongly defends the right of all citizens to participate and contribute collectively in the matter.

Presently, the country is discussing constitutional reform, but how many Jamaicans are involved in this vital discussion which will draft new policy guidelines for the entire nation? How many citizens know about it and are able to understand the proposed changes?

It is alarming to see how little effort is being made to inform, share, and spur debate on reform of the Constitution.

Majority of Jamaicans will witness these critical changes without understanding fully what they mean.

To combat injustice, corruption, and weak representation from our leaders, it is paramount that we implement accountability mechanisms at the national level and promote transparency. These are crucial to our democracy and to a reformed Constitution.

We need to recognize also that at this stage the defense of human rights is once more instrumental to getting the education and the democratic choices that we share in the new Constitution.

The nation is battered by many issues that have allowed for the infringement of citizens’ rights and freedom.

Therefore, there is no better time for civil society groups to join forces in educating our people on the importance of taking part in any reform that will determine the structure of our governance.


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