who we are

“Stand up for Jamaica” is a non-profit Association created in 1999 by some volunteers of the Gruppo Italia 105 Amnesty International.

Their main goal is to provide help to the prisoners in the death ward of Jamaican prisons by covering the legal costs, by providing for their basic necessities, by contributing to assisting abused women or children and by dealing with any emergency that may require some form of financial and legal aid.

Ultimately, the goal is to inform public opinion of the violations of human rights that take place in the island.


The projects

The projects and activities undertaken by Stand Up for Jamaica are implemented through Maria Carla Gullotta, our correspondent in Jamaica.

These include collecting offers and donations through the participation in various events, disseminating information material, working with private parties and collaborating with other reggae partners which range from non-profit associations to the information portals of the reggae community in Italy.

In this regard, we wish to thank them for the coverage they give us.

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